Hello’s and Goodbye’s

Hello everyone!

Its been quite some time since I was last active on my blog, but not for the want of doing nothing (: These last months, since my announcement of my author-name change I’ve been working hard on creating my new website/identity and today I have the joyful message to share that it’s finally all finished and online!

Head over to kiyo-art.com to have a look. And if you’d like to read a little but more about me, and how this all came to be, click here.

Soon I’ll be looking in on moving my subscribers – that’s all of you lovely people – over from this blog to my new one, where I’ll resume uploading poetry every week like I used to do, and this blog will be discontinued in due time.

So, with this, I’m saying hello to you all again on my new site, and goodbye to you here; I hope you’ll enjoy following me once more.

~ Kiyo

Happy Christmas!

Hello everyone,

Before we knew it, the holiday weekend is upon us and Christmas has arrived!

I want to wish you all a wonderful two days, with lots of love and laughter. Thank you all for being with me this year, and I hope to meet you again next year when I’ll be posting more updates and share my words (:

Happy Christmas!

With love,

Time for a little change

Hello everyone,

Writing to all of you today with a small update; a little change in my online name. Instead of my initials, KJ, I’ll be taking on my new artist name of Kiyo.
Next year holds many plans for me, and this is the very start of them. Not revealing anymore yet, but, do stay tuned.

Thanks so much for all of you who’ve recently started following me, and all of you who already did. You are wonderful!

Love, Kiyo