The Last Goodbye

With the warmth of a smile
resting in your fingertips
   you came into my life,

Your words
they slipped into my heart,
   kindling a spark,

In hushed whispers
we wrote about a world
   only we could see,

And though
what we had was not made
   to last,

   You’re treasured
   in my recollections
with the warmth of a smile.

Inspired by the title of a Music Prompt; The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd.

Love, Kiyo


Kite Flight

in a hurricane
   called life,
I let the winds
of change
   wash over me,

And though
they may pull,
   they may push,
tangle my mind
and spin me ‘round,
I’ll take it all in my stride,

I have no doubts;

I’ll end up
right where
   I want to be.

Inspired by the Daily Post: Release

Love, Kiyo

Elastic Heart

Bouncing back,
   as I do,
to accommodate your moods,
   I wonder
if you actually believe
   I possess
   an elastic heart,

one of these days,
   my dear,
I will surely reach
the end of my tether
   and finally
   break apart.

Inspired by the Daily Post: Elastic

Love, Kiyo

Fly Away

the opinion of others
   like an old skin
   no longer right to wear,

   Break free
   from the chains
they tried to wrap
around your heart,

   And fly away
   to the person
   want to be.

Inspired by a Music Prompt; Fly Away by Ra.D.

Love, Kiyo