Dream Dive

Tuning back into
nature’s beloved, soothing vibe,
   I finally relax —

On hands of wind I dream dive
   towards oceans in the sky

Inspired by the Daily Post: Noise

Love, Kiyo


One of a Kind

Darling, I will wait
today, tomorrow, ever
holding on to us —

   We are a one of a kind
   magic no one will deny

Inspired by the Daily Post: Wonder

Love, Kiyo

Point in Time

Blooming from a spark,
light embraces shadow fading —
   A new road travelled

Day 28 entry for HaikuWriMo; inspired by the Daily Post: Dim

Love, Kiyo

ps. February 28, the last day of the month already, and with that the last day of HaikuWriMo (Haiku Writing Month)!
I hope you’ve all enjoyed my daily uploads during this small challenge; I sincerely thank you all for your likes and comments — and hope you’ll continue to like my new works as I’ll continue posting them in the days/weeks/months to come (: